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 Ho ! Look what I found on this wonderful website !!!


        Still researching some help and info on the interbet, I found a website called Coeliac Youth of Europe. "Interesting" I though, so I took a look just for fun cause I didn't tought I would be so good. On this site I was surprised to find what Young people over the Europe have tryed to make to simplify and help the insertion of coeliacs ! Of course, It's a little association but it's also why I talk about it here.

        I'm sure this CYE could grow faster than we think. In fact Young Coeliac  people over Europe just need to now the CYE exist and I'm sure we can all manage to show how important it is to consider gluten-free people in the world nowaday ! This year (like all year) they start a project called "A gluten-free hamburger, please !". It's all in the title. When you go shopping and see at 12:45 that "Crapp, I didn't thought of my lunch !" or when you are hungry and you pass by a Starbuks® but they don't have gluten-free food, it's never happened to you the sudden urge to yell ?

        In France it's particulary true (and awfull...) but even if you live in a "safe" country it doesn't mean you won't travel to other place, see other people, learn new language, take a tour and visit. So to support this event proposed by CYE a petition has been creat.


 Sign up here and in a few time we may eat out with"out" any problem !




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